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What is the Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award?
The Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award (Rosie Award) is chosen annually by students across Indiana in grades nine through twelve. Students at participating high schools and public libraries who read any of approximately 20 nominated books are eligible to rate each book they've read. Ballots are available on the Rosie website. The votes are tabulated each May, and the winner is announced.
The author of each year's award-winning book is invited to receive the Rosie Award in person at a special event sponsored by the Association for Indiana Media Educators and the Indiana Library Federation.
The purpose of the Rosie Award is to encourage high school students to read for fun. It also promotes cooperation between school administrators, media specialists, teachers and public librarians in broadening reading programs. Rosie promotes reading across the curriculum.
Who is Eliot Rosewater?
Eliot Rosewater is a recurring fictional character in Kurt Vonnegut's novels, including God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. Vonnegut is a famous Hoosier author who grew up in Indianapolis. This award was named to honor him and all Indiana writers. The award is often referred to as the "Rosie Award" or "Rosie."
How are books nominated for the Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award?

Rosie Guidelines
The following guidelines have been established to assist in the creation of the annual Rosie Wannabe List. The committee has chosen to label these as guidelines, rather than rules, so that exceptions can be made when members of the committee feel strongly that they have found something extraordinary!
Book Limit:
The number of books on any given Nominee (Wannabe) List will be 75. As the list is put together, a sub-committee of 2 to 4 Rosie Committee members will review the submissions to make sure that the list remains balanced—non-fiction, realistic fiction, science fiction, poetry, etc. Once a particular genre has been well-represented, no more nominees will be accepted in that category.
Character Age:
It is preferred that the main characters in a book to be named to the Nominee List be young adult, high school or college age.
Publication Date:
Before a book can be named to the Nominee List, the publication date must be no more than five years previous to the year for which it is being nominated.
Every effort will be made to find professional reviews of the titles submitted.

A new nomination form has been created to assist with the creation of the Wannabe List. Submissions will now be asked to include title, author, publication date, genre, and at least one reason why the title should be considered.

Students interested in serving on the Rosie Award Committee should also contact the Indiana Library Federation office at 317-257-2040.
How can my school or public library participate?
Any school in Indiana enrolling students in grades nine through twelve can participate if they:
1) Make sure at least 12 of the nominated titles are available to students.
2) Provide voting forms for each student who has read at least one of the nominated books.
3) Tally their students' voting forms and report the results to the Rosie Award Committee by May 1.
Public libraries are encouraged to purchase and publicize the Rosie books and encourage their students to vote at school. If some of the schools in the library's service area do not participate, those students may vote at the public library. Participating public libraries must also provide at least 12 of the nominated titles.